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11 daysPrepare for releaseSergey Matveev
12 daysMore RFC4491bis conformanceSergey Matveev
12 daysX.509 certificate uses reversed digestSergey Matveev
2020-04-13Unused importSergey Matveev
2020-04-13Remove pylint commentsSergey Matveev
2020-02-21Forgotten debug file writingSergey Matveev
2020-02-04More test vectors and ASN.1 related structures4.4Sergey Matveev
2020-02-03Example X.509 self-signed certificate creation utilitySergey Matveev
2019-12-27Fix __version__ value4.3Sergey Matveev
2019-12-27pygost.gost3410.sign rand argument and more 34.10-2012 test vectorsSergey Matveev
2019-12-17Add PEP-396 compatible module's __version__Sergey Matveev
2019-12-17Raise copyright yearsSergey Matveev
2019-09-27Forbid any later GNU GPL versions autousageSergey Matveev
2019-09-04Partly supported ContentInfo.SignedData.certificatesSergey Matveev
2019-08-18Curve parameters aliasesSergey Matveev
2019-07-29Unused variableSergey Matveev
2019-07-29Missing blank lineSergey Matveev
2019-07-12Coordinates conversion from/to twisted Edwards to Weierstass form4.0Sergey Matveev
2019-07-12Reuse _pos methodSergey Matveev
2019-07-12Simplify GOST3410Curve initializationSergey Matveev
2019-07-10Sbox/curve parameters names comply with OIDsSergey Matveev
2019-07-0934.10-2012 test vectors from SESPAKESergey Matveev
2019-07-09Twisted Edwards curve related parametersSergey Matveev
2019-05-02assertSequenceEqual gives more pretty output for humanSergey Matveev
2019-04-30Yet another test vector for 34.11-2012-256Sergey Matveev
2019-01-07Simplify OctetString wrappingSergey Matveev
2019-01-02Raise copyright yearsSergey Matveev
2019-01-01Use DEFINES PyDERASN feature for less .decode() invocationsSergey Matveev
2018-12-09More TC26 ASN.1 test vectors3.15Sergey Matveev
2018-12-09Less pylint-related commentsSergey Matveev
2018-12-09sbox argument for pygost.wrap.* functions is optionalSergey Matveev
2018-12-09Missing typing stubsSergey Matveev
2018-12-09Make PyDERASN test requirementSergey Matveev
2018-12-0928147-89 CBC key meshing abilitySergey Matveev
2018-12-09pygost.wrap.* Sbox specifyingSergey Matveev
2018-12-09Fix 34.10 degree sanitizingSergey Matveev
2018-12-09kek_34102012256 can be used with 256-bit private keysSergey Matveev
2018-12-09PEP247 hasher hexdigest must not be an abstractmethodSergey Matveev
2018-12-09Add some missing typestubsSergey Matveev
2018-12-09One of test vectors taken from Слово о полку ИгоревеSergey Matveev
2018-12-09Missing 34.11-2012 PBKDF2 typing stubSergey Matveev
2018-12-0934.13-2015 does not require double blocksized IVsSergey Matveev
2018-12-0934.11-2012 PBKDF2Sergey Matveev
2018-12-09No iv parameter in cbc_decryptSergey Matveev
2018-12-09Missing typing stubSergey Matveev
2018-12-09Raise copyright yearsSergey Matveev
2018-12-09Fix 34.13 OFB bug with len(IV) > 2Sergey Matveev
2018-12-09AppliedCryptography's Sbox equals to TestParamSetSergey Matveev
2017-06-21MODE2SIZE in typing stubSergey Matveev
2017-06-16Missing DEFAULT_CURVE in stubsSergey Matveev