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2019-12-17pip hash autocalculate4.1Sergey Matveev
2019-12-17Raise copyright yearsSergey Matveev
2019-04-28Less hackish file size readingSergey Matveev
2018-12-09Reference in download sectionSergey Matveev
2018-12-09Add release date to downloadsSergey Matveev
2018-12-09No I2P mirror anymoreSergey Matveev
2017-08-17pygost. and gost. homepagesSergey Matveev
2016-11-28My local path to streebog256 utility is changedSergey Matveev
2016-11-26Typo in announcementSergey Matveev
2016-11-26Fix word ending in russian announcementSergey Matveev
2016-11-26Remove duplicate "free software" in russian announcementSergey Matveev
2016-11-19Russian version of announcementSergey Matveev
2016-10-042.3 release is readySergey Matveev