AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-06-10Magma block cipher3.3Sergey Matveev
2017-06-10Rename Kuz to Kuznechik for claritySergey Matveev
2017-06-04Download link for 3.2 releaseSergey Matveev
2017-06-0434.13-2015 cipher modes of operation implementation3.2Sergey Matveev is behind TLSSergey Matveev
2017-06-04Remove unneeded padding, as only length mattersSergey Matveev
2017-01-02Raise copyright yearsSergey Matveev
2016-12-08Add missing gost28147: SBOXES, BLOCKSIZE, ecb_* mypy stubsSergey Matveev
2016-12-04PEP8 and Pylint related fixesSergey Matveev
2016-11-28Download link for 3.1 releaseSergey Matveev
2016-11-28My local path to streebog256 utility is changedSergey Matveev
2016-11-28Fix stubs: successors of PEP2473.1Sergey Matveev
2016-11-26Typo in announcementSergey Matveev
2016-11-26Fix word ending in russian announcementSergey Matveev
2016-11-26Remove duplicate "free software" in russian announcementSergey Matveev
2016-11-26Yet another VKO 34.10-2001 test vectorSergey Matveev
2016-11-26Use more correct "key agreement" term instead of Diffie-HellmanSergey Matveev
2016-11-26RFC 7836 already contains test vectors, so omit link to TC26 PDFSergey Matveev
2016-11-25VKO 34.10-2012 has corresponding RFC 7836Sergey Matveev
2016-11-23Grammar fixSergey Matveev
2016-11-21Link for 3.0 releaseSergey Matveev
2016-11-20THANKS appeared3.0Sergey Matveev
2016-11-20VKO functions are the same, only hash function differs, simplify codeSergey Matveev
2016-11-19Russian version of announcementSergey Matveev
2016-11-19Synchronize WWW documentationSergey Matveev
2016-11-19Separate 34.11-94 PBKDF2 function could be usefulSergey Matveev
2016-11-19No access keys during website generationSergey Matveev
2016-11-19Add missing mypy stub entriesSergey Matveev
2016-11-19VKO functions must be called kek()Sergey Matveev
2016-11-19UKM is actually just a numberSergey Matveev
2016-11-19Missing copyright and module docstring in gost3410_vkoSergey Matveev
2016-11-19VKO GOST is VKO GOST R standardSergey Matveev
2016-11-19Fix mypy stubsSergey Matveev
2016-11-19Fix relative importsSergey Matveev
2016-11-19Trivial docstring correctionsSergey Matveev
2016-11-19Preparing for 3.0 releaseSergey Matveev
2016-11-19Shorter private key variable nameSergey Matveev
2016-11-19Use public key tuple as an argument for convenienceSergey Matveev
2016-11-19Digest size for 34.10 does not depend on 2001/2012 implementationsSergey Matveev
2016-11-19Move hexdigest implementation to common PEP247 classSergey Matveev
2016-11-19Use 2.3 version instead of 2.1, that is not available for downloadingSergey Matveev
2016-11-19Shorter module names for convenience and simplicitySergey Matveev
2016-11-1934.11-94 PBKDF2 test vectors and digest reversingSergey Matveev
2016-11-1934.10-2012 VKO implementation and remove X.509-compatibility helpersSergey Matveev
2016-11-19Consistent source code quote symbolsSergey Matveev
2016-11-19Split 34.11-2012 on two separate 256/512 bit modules and HMAC test vectorsSergey Matveev
2016-11-13Reuse variableSergey Matveev
2016-10-22Link to webpageSergey Matveev
2016-10-21More language neutral quotesSergey Matveev
2016-10-13Download link for 2.4Sergey Matveev