AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-09-04More CER encoding mentioningHEADmasterSergey Matveev
2020-08-12OID test vector from GoSergey Matveev
2020-08-04Fix example SignedAttributes boundsSergey Matveev
2020-07-29pdb's pp1 mentionSergey Matveev articles mentionSergey Matveev
2020-07-23Replace Makefile with redoSergey Matveev
2020-07-23URL fixesSergey Matveev
2020-05-08Hide mmap imports, failing on Windows8.1Sergey Matveev
2020-05-07Fix test failing on Windows: it does not support negative timestampsSergey Matveev
2020-05-07Missing dateutil test dependencySergey Matveev
2020-04-20Word emphasisSergey Matveev
2020-04-14Explicitly forbid aware-datetimes usage8.0Sergey Matveev
2020-04-13Check if tag's long form used in expected way7.7Sergey Matveev
2020-04-13Long tag form must not contain zero byteSergey Matveev
2020-04-13Substitute class name in exceptionSergey Matveev
2020-03-25Proper VisibleString, IA5String, TeletexString, T61String validation7.6Sergey Matveev
2020-03-25PEP8Sergey Matveev
2020-03-24Also print full TLVlen7.5Sergey Matveev
2020-03-22Mention --browseSergey Matveev
2020-03-22Missing CER mention in makedistSergey Matveev
2020-03-22Missing bracketsSergey Matveev
2020-03-22ASN.1 browser7.4Sergey Matveev
2020-03-22Integer.tohex()Sergey Matveev
2020-03-22Remove forgotten unreachable codeSergey Matveev
2020-03-22Fix classes instantiation when invoked as __main__Sergey Matveev
2020-03-22Fix invalid defines specificationSergey Matveev
That repairs autodecoding of certificates in tests and shows that forged PayPal certificate can not be successfully decoded now as expected.
2020-03-22Explicitly close file descriptors to satisfy hypothesis checksSergey Matveev
2020-02-26colonize_hex is publicly available functionSergey Matveev
2020-02-18Strict DEFAULT check in evgen mode7.3Sergey Matveev
2020-02-18More seealso directive usageSergey Matveev
2020-02-17DER 2pass encoding7.2Sergey Matveev
2020-02-17Correct permissions in tarballSergey Matveev
2020-02-17Simplify code with _values_for_encoding overrideSergey Matveev
2020-02-17Simple performance optimizationsSergey Matveev
2020-02-17Some PyLint disablesSergey Matveev
2020-02-17Restored CLI workabilitySergey Matveev
2020-02-17Omit writer keyword, as it is the only argumentSergey Matveev
2020-02-17Use bytes joining for three elementsSergey Matveev
2020-02-17Remove unused variableSergey Matveev
2020-02-17Remove forgotten moved get_def_by_pathSergey Matveev
2020-02-16README update and CER/BER mentioning7.1Sergey Matveev
2020-02-16Check that interleaved characters are ok7.0Sergey Matveev
2020-02-16Store OIDs as an array.arraySergey Matveev
2020-02-16Split TestX690PrefixedType test casesSergey Matveev
2020-02-16Up to date documentationSergey Matveev
2020-02-16SequenceOf iterator supportSergey Matveev
2020-02-16Streaming of huge data supportSergey Matveev
2020-02-16Check for evgen upto modeSergey Matveev
2020-02-16agg_octet_stringSergey Matveev
2020-02-16CLI --evgenSergey Matveev