AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-03POSIX tells that $ character is default shell promptHEADmasterSergey Matveev
2019-09-26Prepare for release5.3Sergey Matveev
2019-09-26Forbid any later GNU GPL versions autousageSergey Matveev
2019-09-26Fix defines_by_path example usageSergey Matveev
2019-09-05Prepare for release5.2Sergey Matveev
2019-09-04Fix "colored" fallback function workabilitySergey Matveev
2019-09-04No keyserver usage suggestionSergey Matveev
2019-04-29Fix empty --oids workability5.1Sergey Matveev
2019-04-28Less hackish file size readingSergey Matveev
2019-04-21TypoSergey Matveev
2019-04-21Missing documentation fileSergey Matveev
2019-04-21Ability to specify multiple OID mappings for pprinting5.0Sergey Matveev
2019-04-21Include decode error in higher level oneSergey Matveev
2019-01-19Trailing dotsSergey Matveev
2019-01-06Add pprinted-picture to feature page tooSergey Matveev
2019-01-06PyDERASN has right to be called strict and fastSergey Matveev
2019-01-06Update features list and performance comparison tableSergey Matveev
2019-01-05Move pretty-printing example to the main codeSergey Matveev
2019-01-05Limitations sectionSergey Matveev
2019-01-04Dummy version because of broken tarball uploaded to PyPI4.9Sergey Matveev
2019-01-04Explicit mention that *Time do not support BERSergey Matveev
2019-01-04Strict GeneralizedTime DER encoding. Faster *Time decoders4.8Sergey Matveev
2019-01-04Change order of value sanitizersSergey Matveev
2019-01-03Use frozensetsSergey Matveev
2019-01-03Iterate over dictionaries if possible (for Py2)Sergey Matveev
2019-01-03Unnecessary list usageSergey Matveev
2019-01-03xrange is preferrable for dozen-elements listsSergey Matveev
2018-12-30Be up to date with six4.7Sergey Matveev
2018-12-30Preserve BER-related attributes during copy()Sergey Matveev
2018-12-30ber_encoded at ObjectIdentifierSergey Matveev
2018-12-30Include six'es tests in distributionSergey Matveev
2018-12-30Fix COMPLI tests inclusion in tarballSergey Matveev
2018-12-30Check for OID arc values normalization4.6Sergey Matveev
2018-12-30COMPLI: ASN.1:2008 compliance test suiteSergey Matveev
2018-12-30Raise copyright yearsSergey Matveev
2018-12-08Hexadecimal INTEGERs pretty printing4.5Sergey Matveev
2018-12-08ctx is safe to use as immutableSergey Matveev
2018-12-08Remove trailing dot in docstringSergey Matveev
2018-11-05Better documentation outlookSergey Matveev
2018-11-05allowable_chars property4.4Sergey Matveev
2018-11-05Inherit all errors from ASN1Error classSergey Matveev
2018-11-05Add release date to downloadsSergey Matveev
2018-10-05Prepare for 4.3 release4.3Sergey Matveev
2018-10-05Strict PrintableString sanitizingElena Balakhonova
2018-10-05Space is allowable character in NumericStringElena Balakhonova
2018-10-04PKA key distribution is overSergey Matveev
2018-09-28No real UID/GID in distribution tarballsSergey Matveev
2018-09-14More test coverage4.2Sergey Matveev
2018-09-14Fix defines documentation example usageSergey Matveev
2018-09-14Omit extra EOC for ANY with indefinite length encoded DEFINED BYSergey Matveev