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Mention --browse
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@@ -11,7 +11,8 @@ News
* ``hexdump()`` (``hexdump -C`` like output) and ``ascii_visualize()``
(visualize ASCII printable characters, like in ``hexdump -C``) pretty
printing functions appeared
-* Experimental ASN.1 interactive terminal browser.
+* Experimental ASN.1 interactive terminal browser (``--browse`` and
+ ``pyderasn.browse``).
You will need `urwid package <>`__ to use it
.. _release7.3:
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@@ -7486,6 +7486,8 @@ def browse(raw, obj, oid_maps=()):
If you press **d**, then current element will be saved in the
current directory under its decode path name (adding ".0", ".1", etc
suffix if such file already exists). **D** will save it with explicit tag.
+ You can also invoke it with ``--browse`` command line argument.
from copy import deepcopy
from os.path import exists as path_exists