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SET OF can contain bered attribute
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@@ -278,7 +278,7 @@ Let's parse that output, human::
Only applicable to BER encoded data. If object has BER-specific
encoding, then ``BER`` will be shown. It does not depend on indefinite
length encoding. ``EOC``, ``BOOLEAN``, ``BIT STRING``, ``OCTET STRING``
- (and its derivatives) could be BERed.
+ (and its derivatives), ``SET``, ``SET OF`` could be BERed.
As command line utility
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@@ -384,7 +384,7 @@ constructed primitive types should be parsed successfully.
* If object is encoded in BER form (not the DER one), then ``bered``
attribute is set to True. Only ``BOOLEAN``, ``BIT STRING``, ``OCTET
- STRING``, ``SEQUENCE``, ``SET`` can contain it.
+ STRING``, ``SEQUENCE``, ``SET``, ``SET OF`` can contain it.
* If object has an indefinite length encoding, then its ``lenindef``
attribute is set to True. Only ``BIT STRING``, ``OCTET STRING``,
``SEQUENCE``, ``SET``, ``SEQUENCE OF``, ``SET OF``, ``ANY`` can