AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-11-09internal/timeseries: avoid storing numbers as durationsHEADmasterJP Sugarbroad
2019-11-08webdav: fix dropped test errorLars Lehtonen
2019-11-08icmp: fix ListenPacket panicsongjiayang
2019-11-08http2: add missing test update from CL 200317Brad Fitzpatrick
2019-11-08netutil: fix test to not t.Fatal from goroutineLars Lehtonen
2019-11-08http2: make CipherSuites validation error more verboseBrad Fitzpatrick
2019-11-08html: port html5lib test data from html5lib/html5lib-testsKunpei Sakai
2019-11-08html: add Dialog supportKunpei Sakai
2019-11-05nettest: use unixStrmDgramEnabled on AIXMikio Hara
2019-11-01idna: update tables to Unicode 12Marcel van Lohuizen
2019-10-28ipv4: use unsafe.Sizeof on struct size, not pointer sizeBrad Fitzpatrick
2019-10-27http2: fix test goroutineLars Lehtonen
2019-10-27ipv4: fix unsafe pointer conversion in parseInterfaceCuong Manh Le
2019-10-27ipv4, ipv6: add support for freebsd/arm64Dmitri Goutnik
2019-10-21ipv6: re-enable tests on DragonflyTobias Klauser
2019-10-21all: fix tests on dragonfly after ABI changesTobias Klauser
2019-10-14http2: make Transport.NewClientConn respect Transport.DisableKeepAlivesMoritz Fain
2019-10-14http2: track unread bytes when the pipe is brokenMichael Fraenkel
2019-10-11http2: split cookie pair into separate hpack header fieldsOlivier Poitrey
2019-10-09http2: do not sniff body if Content-Encoding is setEmmanuel T Odeke
2019-10-07http2/h2demo: update READMEBrad Fitzpatrick
2019-10-03http2: fix memory leak in random write schedulerBrad Fitzpatrick
2019-10-02html: fix tokenizer errorDario
2019-10-02html: add Tokenizer.Raw comment re byte offsetsNigel Tao
2019-09-30all: adjust defs for Dragonfly BSDAntonio Huete Jimenez
2019-09-26http2/h2demo: deploy with Go 1.13Dmitri Shuralyov
2019-09-23xsrftoken: escape colonsGregory Man
2019-09-21websocket: Add to the deprecation messageAnmol Sethi
2019-09-18http2/h2demo: remove h2demo build constraintDmitri Shuralyov
2019-09-16internal/socket: remove unused sizeofMmsghdr constTobias Klauser
2019-09-12http2: end stream eagerly after sending the request bodyTianji Wu
2019-09-09all: fix typosAinar Garipov
2019-08-27http2: correct ServeConnOpts.context's nil receiver checkAofei Sheng
2019-08-13http2: limit number of control frames in server send queueFilippo Valsorda
2019-07-24http2: use updated URI in docPascal Dierich
2019-06-28proxy: fix TestDial failures on wasm/jsJacob Blain Christen
2019-06-20internal/socket, ipv4, ipv6: add support for GOOS=illumosTobias Klauser
2019-06-19publicsuffix: update table to latest list from publicsuffix.orgVolker Dobler
2019-06-13all: follow convention for generated code commentTobias Klauser
2019-06-11internal/socket: add support for freebsd/arm64Tobias Klauser
2019-06-11internal/socket: add support for openbsd/arm64Tobias Klauser
2019-06-07http2: support getting the Server connection's base context from net/httpBrad Fitzpatrick
2019-06-07go.mod: add go language versionBrad Fitzpatrick
2019-06-07http2: disable a flaky test on Windows for now, add more loggingBrad Fitzpatrick
2019-06-07bpf: fix VM out of bounds LoadMemShift checkArthur Fabre
2019-06-06webdav: remove redundant trailing slash for root directoryMykhailo Lesyk
2019-06-03internal/socket: add support for netbsd/arm64Tobias Klauser
2019-05-22internal/socket: remove leftover AF_* and SOCK_RAW constants on aixTobias Klauser
2019-05-22internal/socket: use AF_* and SOCK_RAW constants from x/sysTobias Klauser
2019-05-20ipv4, ipv6, internal/socket: add riscv64 supportCarlosEDP