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2015-11-04Trivial formatting correctionSergey Matveev
2015-10-19Perform DNS lookup of client addressesBjörn Busse
2015-10-08Daemon does not need reloading for passwords via HUPSergey Matveev
2015-10-06More explanation of log and state files1.2Sergey Matveev
2015-10-06More beauty options descriptionSergey Matveev
2015-05-09Raise copyright year. Trivial changesSergey Matveev
2014-11-14Add AWAY command support1.1Sergey Matveev
2014-08-14Combine TLS cert and key options in single oneSergey Matveev
2014-08-14Ability to listen on raw and TLS sockets simultaneouslySergey Matveev
2014-08-14Ability to show server's versionSergey Matveev
2014-08-14Ability to authenticate users by nickname↔password databaseSergey Matveev
2014-06-10Mention TLS and -verbose options in documentationSergey Matveev
2014-05-18TypoSergey Matveev
2014-05-11Trivial stylistical readme changeSergey Matveev
2014-05-11Initial commitSergey Matveev