AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-08-19Remove signal processor for password reloading and use pointers to strings1.0Sergey Matveev
2014-08-14Combine TLS cert and key options in single oneSergey Matveev
2014-08-14Ability to listen on raw and TLS sockets simultaneouslySergey Matveev
2014-08-14Make an empty MODE b reply for faster client's syncSergey Matveev
2014-08-14Ability to show server's versionSergey Matveev
2014-08-14Ability to authenticate users by nickname↔password databaseSergey Matveev
2014-08-13Remove goroutines that lead to possible racesSergey Matveev
2014-08-09GolintingSergey Matveev
2014-08-09Fix several racesSergey Matveev
2014-07-03Send "already existing nickname" error to unregistered client, instead of alr...Sergey Matveev
2014-06-27Do not prepend unnecessary ':' to person-to-person PRIVMSGsSergey Matveev
2014-06-10Thomas Habets contributed tooSergey Matveev
2014-06-10Mention TLS and -verbose options in documentationSergey Matveev
2014-06-10SSL name is deprecated, use TLS insteadSergey Matveev
2014-06-10Repair test due to address parsing errorSergey Matveev
2014-06-09Remove port from /whois output.Thomas Habets
2014-06-08Cleaned up file handling.Thomas Habets
2014-06-08Decrease log verbosity.Thomas Habets
2014-06-08Fix /whois for mixed case nicks.Thomas Habets
2014-06-08Make channels unidirectional.Thomas Habets
2014-06-08Add SSL support.Thomas Habets
2014-05-18TypoSergey Matveev
2014-05-18Additional unittestsSergey Matveev
2014-05-18Unnecessary message broadcasting goroutinesSergey Matveev
2014-05-18Continuation after negative repliesSergey Matveev
2014-05-18Save room state after it's creationSergey Matveev
2014-05-14Refactor unittestsSergey Matveev
2014-05-14Omit last empty string from MOTD replySergey Matveev
2014-05-13Cleaner nickname and channelname validation, not correlated togetherSergey Matveev
2014-05-13More RFC-close reply human-readable messagesSergey Matveev
2014-05-13Separate 401 code answerSergey Matveev
2014-05-11Trivial stylistical readme changeSergey Matveev
2014-05-11Initial commitSergey Matveev