AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-11-23Add limiter functions for decoders.HEADmasterMarco Peereboom
2016-11-22build: Update TravisCI to latest Go versions.Dave Collins
2015-08-27Use math.MaxInt32David Hill
2015-05-20Correct comment on TestIOErr.Dave Collins
2015-05-20Update for TravisCI changes.Dave Collins
2015-05-20Add IsIO to detect if an error is of the ErrIO type.Marco Peereboom
2015-01-24Use container-based builds on TravisCI.Dave Collins
2015-01-24Update TravisCI to goclean script.Dave Collins
2015-01-24Correct a couple of comment issues found by golint.Dave Collins
2015-01-24goimports -w .Dave Collins
2015-01-24Expose Decode/Encode functions on Decoder/Encoder.Dave Collins
2014-08-09Finish remaining negative error path testing.Dave Collins
2014-08-09Add negative tests for invalid reflect values.Dave Collins
2014-08-09Add test for marshal struct with unexported field.Dave Collins
2014-08-09Add more tests for expected encode failures.Dave Collins
2014-08-09Add several negative tests for encoding.Dave Collins
2014-08-09Factor common encode test code and make consistent.Dave Collins
2014-08-08Remove invalid test for 32-bit architectures.Dave Collins
2014-08-05Add test coverage for error codes and types.Dave Collins
2014-08-05Add new error code for ErrParseTime.Dave Collins
2014-08-05Further improve decode test coverage.Dave Collins
2014-08-04Remove named parameters on decode/encode indirect.Dave Collins
2014-08-04Add more tests for expected decode failures.Dave Collins
2014-08-04Add more negative tests for decoding.Dave Collins
2014-08-04Include pointer field in all types struct test.Dave Collins
2014-08-04Add tests for exceding max allowed size.Dave Collins
2014-08-04Add a few more negative decode tests.Dave Collins
2014-08-04Add godoc reference badge to Collins
2014-08-04Setup TravisCI to report cov stats to Collins
2014-08-04Re-enable time tests in version 2 package.Dave Collins
2014-08-04Use UTC in old xdr package tests too.Dave Collins
2014-08-04Comment time tests for now.Dave Collins
2014-08-04Convert reflected time val to UTC in decode tests.Dave Collins
2014-08-04Use UTC in time tests to ensure stable values.Dave Collins
2014-08-04Add support for TravisCI.Dave Collins
2014-08-04Add benchmarks for version 2.Dave Collins
2014-08-04Add comprehensive suite of tests for version 2.Dave Collins
2014-08-04Implement ver 2 which works with io.Reader/Writer.Dave Collins
2014-08-03Update tests to use scoped anonymous structs.Dave Collins
2014-04-03Add tests for new time.Time handling.Dave Collins
2014-04-03Add support for encoding and decoding time.Time.Dave Collins
2013-06-20Remove trailing whitespace.Dave Collins
2012-12-29Update documentation link to new domain.Dave Collins
2012-09-07Correct some typos in comments.Dave Collins
2012-09-06Update README.mdDave Collins
2012-08-19Remove go install command since go get handles it.Dave Collins
2012-08-19Update a couple of comments.Dave Collins
2012-08-19Update README.mdDave Collins
2012-08-19Add benchmarks for Marshal and Unmarshal.Dave Collins
2012-08-19Add comprehensive tests for Marshal and Encoder.Dave Collins