AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-02-18Renew godoc url to from godoc.orgHEADmasterkebhr
2018-07-12Adds commas to number formatting in english.Plural.v1.0.0Chris Conway
2018-04-21Added a quickcheck test for stripTrailingDigitsDustin Sallings
2018-04-21Add a few methods for limiting the number of decimal places outputted. #18Andrew Brampton
2017-11-10Fix for reported off-by-one (nanosecond) error in RelTimeDustin Sallings
2017-11-10chore(comma): fixed typoyyoshiki41
2017-10-31Adds package humanize/english for English-word manipulations.Chris Conway
2017-10-12Remove .gitignore.Dmitri Shuralyov
2017-08-27Travis: Use latest patch versions.Dmitri Shuralyov
2017-08-26Updated .travis.yml to use the latest Go releasesAndrew Brampton
2017-02-28Add space between numbers and units in README, package documentation.Dmitri Shuralyov
2017-01-09Handle formatting floats on 32-bit systemsDustin Sallings
2017-01-06Special case Comma(math.MinInt64).Dustin Sallings
2016-12-04Remove unnecessary caching of slice lengthDaniel Lohse
2016-11-30Fix panicking `CustomRelTime` when magnitude list is incompleteDaniel Lohse
2016-09-23Handle commas in bytes parsing.Dustin Sallings
2016-07-20Removed misleading/incorrect docs.Dustin Sallings
2016-07-20Implement CustomRelTimeDustin Sallings
2016-07-20Caculate time in nanosecondshurf
2016-07-20Allow custom defined relative time format.hurf
2016-06-22Fix typo in comment. (#41)Delweng Zheng
2016-06-02Make commaf only apply to go 1.6+Dustin Sallings
2016-06-02Remove go 1.4.3Dustin Sallings
2016-06-02Add some prior go versionsDustin Sallings
2016-06-02Add Travis CI.Dmitri Shuralyov
2016-05-31Make it compatible again with go < 1.5Tugdual Saunier
2016-05-28Remove %% from time formats.Dustin Sallings
2016-05-27Note missing coverage for time format thing.Dustin Sallings
2016-05-27adds BigCommafAbdulelah Alfuntukh
2016-05-09Use math.Abs and math.Copysign to maintain signDustin Sallings
2016-05-09SI: handle negative numbersSteve Perkins
2015-11-25Syntax highlighting in README.markdownBruno Bigras
2015-11-08Add space between the numbers and units.Dustin Sallings
2015-08-24Merge pull request #20 from fkautz/pr_out_running_gofmtDmitri Shuralyov
2015-08-09Use https for godoc linkDustin Sallings
2015-08-08point to godocs in the READMEDustin Sallings
2015-06-22s/KB/kB/Dustin Sallings
2015-06-22Seven elements are enough for max value of int64.Mitsuhiro Setoguchi
2015-04-27Running gofmtFrederick F. Kautz IV
2015-04-12Bit of style cleanups and doc fixDustin Sallings
2015-04-12Add number.go: FormatFloat/FormatIntegerKristoffer Berdal
2015-03-30Negligble performance difference, but a lot cleaner commafDustin Sallings
2015-03-29still yet faster commafDustin Sallings
2015-03-28Rewrote Commaf to be a lot fasterDustin Sallings
2015-03-27Added benchmark for CommafDustin Sallings
2015-03-26Added CommafDustin Sallings
2014-12-27Update docs to more clearly indicate reversabilityDustin Sallings
2014-11-03Removed some unnecessary casts and string appendsDustin Sallings
2014-10-29Use left shift and iota for simpler constant assignmentssendyHalim
2014-10-05Verify the right thing happens at the maximum rangeDustin Sallings