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masterAdds commas to number formatting in english.Plural.Chris Conway2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-07-12Adds commas to number formatting in english.Plural.HEADmasterChris Conway
2018-04-21Added a quickcheck test for stripTrailingDigitsDustin Sallings
2018-04-21Add a few methods for limiting the number of decimal places outputted. #18Andrew Brampton
2017-11-10Fix for reported off-by-one (nanosecond) error in RelTimeDustin Sallings
2017-11-10chore(comma): fixed typoyyoshiki41
2017-10-31Adds package humanize/english for English-word manipulations.Chris Conway
2017-10-12Remove .gitignore.Dmitri Shuralyov
2017-08-27Travis: Use latest patch versions.Dmitri Shuralyov
2017-08-26Updated .travis.yml to use the latest Go releasesAndrew Brampton
2017-02-28Add space between numbers and units in README, package documentation.Dmitri Shuralyov