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masterSave 2S + 2M by reusing an intermediate value.Adam Langley4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-01-16Save 2S + 2M by reusing an intermediate value.HEADmasterAdam Langley
2017-01-16Fix the naming of sqrtMinusA.Adam Langley
2015-08-30Move FromBytes/ToBytes test into ed25519_test.go.Adam Langley
2015-08-30edwards25519.FromBytes: do not negate the pointAndres Erbsen
2015-08-26A few tweaks for performance.Adam Langley
2015-08-26Make life easier for the compilerDonovan Hide
2015-08-26Simplify and optimise some operationsAdam Langley
2015-08-26Unroll some inner loopsDonovan Hide
2015-08-26Add BenchmarkDonovan Hide
2015-08-26Merge pull request #7 from StableLib/fixesAdam Langley