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masterMerge pull request #30 from dadgar/b-concurrentRaymond Hill2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-04-27Merge pull request #30 from dadgar/b-concurrentHEADmasterRaymond Hill
2017-09-15Allow library to be used in parallelAlex Dadgar
2016-12-05Merge pull request #22 from aiquestion/intervalissueRaymond Hill
2016-12-05fix 60 interval issuexiaofan
2016-03-18Merge pull request #11 from takumakanari/support-numeric-format-starts-with-0Raymond Hill
2016-03-18modify regextakumakanari
2016-03-17support 0N format for numeric fieldtakumakanari
2014-04-23fixed regex, put back code block where it wasgorhill
2014-04-23Merge pull request #7 from safx/fix-parserRaymond Hill
2014-04-23fixed parsering bug for like "*/5"Safx