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masterAdd error content to master branch.Gustavo Niemeyer5 years
v1Print pretty diff when equality checks fail (#100)Michael Vogt15 months
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2014-04-01Add error content to master branch.HEADmasterGustavo Niemeyer
2014-04-01Add README.mdGustavo Niemeyer => Niemeyer
2014-03-31Drop .bzrignore and Makefile.Gustavo Niemeyer
2014-03-31Merge from trunk.Gustavo Niemeyer
2014-02-25Use readable time stamps on log messages.Roger Peppe
2014-02-25Fix panic traceback cutting.Gustavo Niemeyer
2014-02-25Added flag, analogous to go test -workGustavo Niemeyer
2014-02-18reinstate ^Roger Peppe
2014-02-18revert gofmt of printer_test.goRoger Peppe